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Subject Code: NMCA 411
Unit I
Foundation of Information Systems: Introduction to Information System in Business, Fundamentals of Information Systems, Solving Business Problems with Information Systems, Types of Information Systems, Effectiveness and Efficiency Criteria in Information System.
Unit II
An Overview of Management Information Systems: Definition of a Management Information System, MIS versus Data Processing, MIS & Decision Support Systems, MIS & Information Resources Management, End user Computing, Concept of an MIS, Structure of a Management Information System.
Unit III
Concepts of Planning & Control: Concept of Organizational Planning, The Planning Process, Computational Support for Planning, Characteristics of Control Process, The Nature of Control in an Organization.
Unit IV
Business Applications of Information Technology: Internet & Electronic Commerce, Intranet, Extranet &Enterprise Solutions, Information System for Business Operations, Information System for Managerial Decision Support, Information System for Strategic Advantage.
Unit V
Managing Information Technology: Enterprise & Global Management, Security & Ethical challenges, Planning & Implementing Changes.
Advanced Concepts in Information Systems:Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Procurement Management.


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