Should i trust....

You must be in dilemma whether you can trust us or not. Let us tell you that we are not strangers, we are like you who took initiate to help you in order to live your life more comfortable inside the campus. Still have doubts FAQs are given below?

What is KiRaiPe?

KiRaiPe is a unique online platform which lets you rent a variety of items for any duration you desire. The items are delivered right to your doorstep at the time of your convenience. This website is only for IETians, we feel your needs and requirements.

Do I have to pay a security deposit for the product?

Well, we know you are a student and being a student you don’t have much money to deposit, but we need to ensure the security of the products. We introduce an option for students, you have to submit your A Photo ID plus a minimal amount of money should be deposited according to given below categories.

  1. Books – 200 INR
  2. E-gadgets –  2000 INR
  3. Jewellery – 100 INR
  4. Placement cell – 500 INR
  5. Game – 200 INR
  6. Shoes – 200 INR
  7. Girl zone – 500 INR
  8. Vehicles – 1000 INR
  9. Trending – 500 INR

This amount is completely refundable if the item is returned without any damages – physical and functional.

Can I trust you with my data privacy and contact information security?

Yes, we give information security the highest priority and you can be assured that your data is safe in our hands.

Can I pick the item from the store instead of opting for home delivery?

Yes, you can personally collect it from our college 113 aryabhatta boys hostel IET, lucknow.

What is the typical time taken for delivery?

It depends on the item size, but it hardly take 15 minutes.

What if I don’t like the item and want to return it?

Sorry, we do not accept returns just because you do not like the product. Moreover, such a situation is unlikely as we deliver products that match the description shared.

Will there be any penalty if I am not present at the time decided for reverse pickup?

You shall be contacted by the pickup team to learn your availability for the pickup. If you are not available at the agreed pickup time-slot, a penalty of Rs. 200 per visit will be applicable. We will appreciate if you could designate a friend or a family member to coordinate the reverse pickup with our team member.

Will the security deposit be returned as soon as I give back the product?

After you return the product, the security deposit will be refunded directly into your hands after an hour.

What modes of payment do you accept?

Initially, we made it easy to pay by COD and in case you don’t have cash, you can send money through Paytm just after the delivery or during the order.

What if I damage the product?

If the damage caused to the product is repairable, then the cost of repair from an authorized repair center will be charged and your security deposite will remain deposited to us unless and until you pay the cost of repair.
If non repairable, then you will have to pay the full cost of the product.

What happens if I return the item late?

For a delay of:
– up to 15 min – no extra charge
– 15 – 30 min – 1 day of rental value
– >30 min –one day’s rental charges for every 12 hours henceforth.

Are all products new?

All our products are either “new,” or “as good as new.” “As good as new,” means they may show minor signs of usage, such as tiny scratches, but in general will be in good condition. The returned products are always cleaned, disinfected, and reset to factory settings before they are sent out to another customer, and visibly used products are removed from our inventory. Please contact customer service in case a product is showing clear signs of usage, and we will find an adequate solution.