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Are you in need of a Digital Camera, Bluetooth Speakers or any other stuff for any event or daily use, but you don’t want to spend your money on buying a new one?


Well then Friends, KiRaiPe is your one stop destination for all such problems, an innovative and customer friendly portal where you can easily access to commodities from small to big at RENT without having to wait for buying a new one.

Who We Are

We are one of you, who had faced same the problems that you are facing now in the college campus. We want to serve you all resources through which you can make your life more comfortable.

One stop destination for all the students who wishes or desires the Products they cannot easily avail the benefits of, in their college life. It basically connects student with student. KiRaiPe.com is a money circle i.e. a student earns by providing their products online and can utilize the same amount by renting the product they are in need of!

Our Skills

Unique earning platform
costumer satifaction
Trust & Security

What We Do?

We provide you all necessary stuffs that you required to tackle your daily life inside the campus. Whenever you need something, what you have to do is search for your product,

Search for the product(s),

select the desire date(s),

add to cart,

go to checkout,

make payments

Rest, we’ll deliver your product within 15 minutes on your doorstep.

Our Goals

  1. To provide a memorable hostel life.
  2. To provide you everything without actual buying.
  3. To enjoy the touch of every new gadgets.
  4. Fulfill your needs without wasting heavy rolls of notes.
  5. To provide you safety.
  6. Show your identity to your college.
  7. keep the healthy and wealthy environment inside the campus.
  8. Make your friends feel more special by arranging awesome event.    .
  9. To provide you a library in your hands.
  10. To provide expensive items that restricted you play with your passion.
  11. To give the feel of unity,.integrity and brotherhood inside the campus.
  12. We all are the future of our country let not waste our potential.